Free Fantage Accounts

Hey Zoners! I have been getting a lot of complaints about users not working, so I deleted all of them  and found some new ones that everyone can use! I will try my best to find more! Stay tuned to see when the page is updated!

More accounts will be updated Christmas Break when school is over and I am less busy. Hope you enjoy!

~Sofie (;

CAUTION: Password is bolded below the username on the ID Phone 











Lets take a moment to appreciate the negative sign in front of her stars.

Carry On.

Keep scrolling and enjoying your self (:

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  1. hey guys im quitting fantage so im giving all my accs away

    1:mem girl

    2:expired mem girl

    3:mem girl


    ps.if you can find a girl named kallie55547
    or thegirlonfire465 you will get 1 of those 2 accs but if you find both you get both accs oh and they will be in purple panda down town

    good luck!!!!!!!! :D

  2. I have an account for everyone to share its name is autumnfalling and password is mt0430


    username: Marisaaaaaa (6a’s)
    password: 6aaaaaas

  4. I tried them but no still doesint work😪😩😨

  5. here is an account that is cute but not member anymore was member for +12 months i made it

  6. ill give u account with bb i swear if u give me veeeeeeêeêry rare member account for boys

  7. this acc cannot work!!!

  8. shes not even cute

  9. jalila theres this guy john he is sayiing that he knows u and he got pics of u and he wants u to do hes hmwrk or he will post the pics everywhere 0_0

  10. username noreen_n password 1234567

  11. i have an account i dont use
    u: shyshy721

  12. Try This

  13. I have one
    Sorry she gets banned alot!!! Please dont be the banner!!:(
    ENJOY! :)

  14. skyler collins

    bad accounts

  15. Ok who wants a rare ecoin boy with a lot of stuff fantastic_12_23 email me at its for trade. trade me a girl with bb hair

  16. Here’s a member it’s level is 580 and have 12,000 stars and 8,000 ecoins so here it it’s
    Username: xxRoxannexx
    Password: pinkzz123
    Enjoy plz take care of it email me if it doesn’t work or if it’s ban my email is

  17. Here is my old member
    U:eileen12336 P: 123456789abc Plz don’t hack! She is my like first one ever! She has crystal blue eyes I used a lot of ecoins to get them if you want a member’s eyes you go to press the espanol . Then put the account name then go to where you get eyes because right now they are free . After you do that you press ecoins not stars . Then your done .
    PLZ DON’T HACK!!!!

  18. Here is a better one : Angel589.she is a member if ya want her email meh at Facebook my name is :Kaylin Yin

  19. theduncans1 theduncans2 my acc

  20. here is a real one and this one is realll and new user cece123935 pass looool1

  21. thanks it works

  22. Thank you for every other fantastic post. The place else may anybody get that type of info in such an ideal means of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information.|

  23. heres an account to you

    promise she looks like a member trust me….

  24. Um hey I’m mew and I’m on my phone. I love your chat.

  25. username:bob199899

  26. I have a lot of accounts heres one user dessert_ohlayry pass micreodj6 it might not work im sowwie I was trying to give you a member

  27. FantageMalissa

    I have a fantage account with angel wings,but I don’t want it works does anyone want it?

  28. here is an account that works
    soory not that much things but still she is cute

  29. heres my fanatge account my old one username;roxie467 password;hotgirl7 dont banned her become her a member just kik me or email my sister named nicole and she will reply and write u one

  30. celiamaroushka

    I have a acc its a mem plzzz don’t ban I swear it works!
    u: njood2019

  31. when you ban or take accounts and don’t let other people use them thats so rude because they go through all the trouble making it and kindly give it to everyone its mean if you want it for yourself they could keep to their delves but they don’t so share if you care

  32. its a very rare, like a member :) lol :)

  33. I have a old account I am giving it away here I go

    username: bentkamel

    password: 1234567

    if you chang my password or bannd it will go to my email so I am keeping an eye on you

  34. your a big liar

  35. Mai acc jus got hacked :(

  36. im not lying i have a acc tht used to be a member. if you would like it, just go on youtube and look up my channel, and subscribe, and comment iwtrapo. my channel is isarah no unsubscribing or else ima change the password!

  37. This fantage account is really not mine is someone else that you has a lot of 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 and 2014 items,so please don’t ban it its very important for her but ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY for 2 days and if some one ban it,CHANGING IT.just changing it right away because I don’t like baners.DONT BAN DONT BAN DONT BAN PLEASE!!!I swear if you ban it,the owner is going to be mad at me because she just wanted you to see her account so that you can enjoy a little while.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT BAN ITT!
    I said if you ban it I will never EVER EVER IN MY LIFE will never give this account FOREVER.SO be careful.I will come to your destination to kill you if you ban the account.


  38. my acc is user; sara432141 pass; ajiacao5 low case no banning or changing any thing but you can buy stuff p.s not mem acc

  39. Heyy people!!!!! So, i just wanted to say that u shouldn’t be blaming the owner of this webpage for giving non working accounts. its not her fault that she was trying to help u people and give out free accounts. Anyways, i am going to giv out some accounts for free. I hav 3 mem accounts 2 r boys 1 is a girl, and they r rares. Then i have 2 expired mem accounts. They r both girls. And som of them r my sister’s so dont blame me if the password is changed. Ok, i promise to try to give out the right passwords. And if they r incorrect, just email me again, and i will give u a subtute mem, unrare account. Ok, so if u want one of the accounts, just email meh at, and i will write bk to u asap. The accounts r ( and im not gonna give out the password on here) 1st one is : Mem rare: Jack_7823 , Legend774 and allie0274 . The expired non rare: Jaclyn9483 , and erupt9483 . So if u want it, email me, and i’ll give ya soome information. Thanx! bai pplz!

  40. omg guys im tired of u lieing and changing pass and banning and hack just plzz stop ill never get a member cause of u just stop!

  41. running

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