Fantage Dictionary

For all those of you who get confused on the Fantage World when people talk….

e ei —- kay this one is a little wierd (I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C! –read comments it explains) but like many other smilies, the i indicates a little drop of awkward sweat.

yup. and the e’s r two eyes and the face is used in an awkward situation or when you don’t know what’s going on!

OwO or owo or OWO—- a smiley face to show a very wierd smile!


XD— a squinty eye, really big smile, smiley! Usually to indicate that you are laughing really hard OR really happy XD

O oi/o oi/O OI/O Oi/o Oi/o OI — a smiley to show that you are either confused or wierded out

WEBA— or as I like to say, WEBO! Its short for welcome back when someone logged out and is back, came back from brb, or left the room and now is back!

BRB— for all of those (I hope none) who don’t know much in the abbrv. world (see what I did there?!! I abbreviated abbreviate!)

It means be right back. I feel stupid for even putting this in the dictionary. You people wouldn’t even be on Fantage if you didn’t know what brb means.

VAV (fantage doesnt usually allow people to say this anymore, so people add a j or an x— VjAV or VxAV)— translated into baby, meaning boyfriend, girlfriend, love, honey, all that stuff


owo and ono are face expressions the two Os are the eyes and the w and n are usually the mouth or nose. If there is something outside it’s suposed to be the ears.

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  1. What does “idk” mean? Everyone says I don’t know!! ITS LIKE NOBODY KNOWS >.< someone tell me

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