Fantage Dictionary

For all those of you who get confused on the Fantage World when people talk….

e ei —- kay this one is a little wierd (I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C! –read comments it explains) but like many other smilies, the i indicates a little drop of awkward sweat.

yup. and the e’s r two eyes and the face is used in an awkward situation or when you don’t know what’s going on!

OwO or owo or OWO—- a smiley face to show a very wierd smile!


XD— a squinty eye, really big smile, smiley! Usually to indicate that you are laughing really hard OR really happy XD

O oi/o oi/O OI/O Oi/o Oi/o OI — a smiley to show that you are either confused or wierded out

WEBA— or as I like to say, WEBO! Its short for welcome back when someone logged out and is back, came back from brb, or left the room and now is back!

BRB— for all of those (I hope none) who don’t know much in the abbrv. world (see what I did there?!! I abbreviated abbreviate!)

It means be right back. I feel stupid for even putting this in the dictionary. You people wouldn’t even be on Fantage if you didn’t know what brb means.

VAV (fantage doesnt usually allow people to say this anymore, so people add a j or an x— VjAV or VxAV)— translated into baby, meaning boyfriend, girlfriend, love, honey, all that stuff


owo and ono are face expressions the two Os are the eyes and the w and n are usually the mouth or nose. If there is something outside it’s suposed to be the ears.

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  1. kewl


  3. I LOVE FANTAGE add me on fantage guys my user is xx_ashley

  4. put shoeS in the or awsome

  5. Am I dying or what? =.= Thanks for dictionary ;D

  6. The reason when you capitalize all the words like Shope and they are uncapitalized. It is because they have a bad word in them. Like shirt has shit.

  7. This was a big help. Thx :D. Add me. I’m popular serena2667

  8. what does shope meannnn

    • Example: Ok say that i was saying something i was worried wasnt going to pop up. Like if you wanted a swear word you would have to do bi Shope *** So it helps people not get worried if the word isn`t gonna show up.

  9. thnx it helped alot!!!!!!

  10. hey

  11. This Is Really helpful Its Kinda Embarassing When Someone Is Talking And U Hav To Ask Them What They Are Saying lol

  12. I wun shoeS Nty Speaks virtually * gets virtually slapped * o_o

  13. Hi! I knew all except this one…… it’s TuT what does that mean? Is it a face expression?

  14. Hey can u plzz tell me what is nty and wun?

  15. Thanks, i knew all except on of them, i always see fantagians saying, weba weba weba all the time and i wonder wat it was and when i ask them they lol and they never answer! thanks again

  16. skyler_passdecoder

    WEBA!!!! VXAV

  17. cool website over here! Thanks for posting…

  18. T-T i iz sad
    >-< I need a huggie


  20. the first one,.. the “i” is only there cuz “o o” itself, wont show. so ppl add the i.

  21. This is super helpful! Thanks!

  22. uhhmm whats the IM room??

  23. wat does one and shoe mean?

  24. U should prob put one cus my friend doesn’t know what tht mean xDDDDDD I told her she doesn’t understand a word I said cx

  25. You should do words like
    and all those random j’s in the middle of words

  26. One time, i was on fantage and i said brb to my friend, so i left. When i came back she was gone.
    I checked the instant messenger box in “current room” and she had said things like “what?” “where’d you go?” “OMG” “WHAT DOES BRB MEAN?” “ARGH” “answer me!” “omg im gonna delete you!” “fine!” “bye!”

    Then i couldn’t fine her on my buddy list! ._.

    • lol thats actually kinda funny x3

    • Omg. That girl is well a maniac. You probably were friends with a very young kid… who doesn’t know how to control her temper. When I started playing Fantage, I never knew what brb meant either, because I was like 6. Luckily I went on this page and it really helped me a bunch!

  27. the dictionary rlly helps tha a lot!
    and u guys are so awesome!!

  28. you guys are so awesome!!!!

  29. U guys r reall yproffessioal in the fantagezone!! thx alot guys!!

  30. There is a shorter way to say Welcome Back: wb

  31. i thought that o oi meant out of interest…. i guess both?

  32. i kno wat o oi means but i still dont understand how its a face…..

  33. Btw, it isn’t spelled wierd, it’s spelled weird. xDD Just saying. LOL. DERPEEZ OwO

  34. can chu put wut e ei means? so mny ppl say that in fantage now ._.

  35. I always wondered what O Olll meant.. but I see people making faces like that in animes.

  36. tysm I learned wut owo means now! owo

  37. thx for the dictionary. it helps!

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